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The Clay is Down

The twin Bocce courts are ready for play although there are still some final touches to be added to the surroundings. The landscaping and pergola's will be added soon. 

The Sandoval International Men's Bocce League will begin play on January 7, 2014. 

Many volunteers unselfishly gave their time as the stories below indicate but special thanks to Frank Heneghan, Ed Fishburn, Al Roper and Jeff Shepard! They all put in a full days work for months.

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Sandoval Bocce Courts Nearing Completion

The Sandoval Bocce courts are nearing completion about six weeks after the project started in earnest. The courts overlook one of the nicest lakes in Sandoval. They are adjacent to the resort style Lagoon pool and Children's Play Area. 

Al Roper, Rick Foisy, Jeff Shepard and John Mills completed the assembling of the dual benches. Building them saved Sandoval hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in cost. There are five dual seating sections (ten benches in all) spread out over the court area in five groups of two. Each bench is eight feet long and fits four comfortably. 

Two will be nestled among the trees and under pergola's, providing a comfortable resting spot overlooking the lake. The other three, also under pergola's will be placed in the large pavered section at the end of the walkway leading from the children's play area. Both will be perfect for bocce players awaiting their next shot or those who just want to take in the scenic views.

The residents of Sandoval are very close to being able to take advantage of another great amenity.  Target date is Dec 28, 2013.

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New Sandoval Bocce Court Project Begins - November 11, 2013

The Sandoval Community located in Cape Coral Fl is adding two regulation size Bocce courts. When finished the courts will be 90' X 13'. Residents of Sandoval will be able to choose playing at 60' to 90'. 

The existing court is referred to as step up and provides two six foot long benches, one at each end of the playing area. They accommodate 4-6 players total. A movable umbrella provides limited shade from the sweltering sun and heat. 

The new Bocce courts will have a five  10' X 10' Pagodas for shade. Three of the Pagodas will be situated between the two courts. The benches will be eight feet long and seat 6-8 players. The new courts will overlook the lake behind Sandoval's Lagoon Pool providing a great setting for the residents to enjoy a game growing rapidly in popularity. The Bocce Courts will feature improved drainage along with a pavered walkway and seating areas. They will be step down courts in order to provide easier access. 

Approximately 100 residents of all ages will soon be taking advantage of Sandoval's latest amenity. It just keeps getting better for Sandoval, Cape Coral Florida's most highly sought after community.

Thanks are in order for the HOA Board of Directors of Sandoval, Taylor Morrison for donating fill, Lowe's which provided generous discounts for the materials, Chris DePass, owner of Good N Green Landscaping who graciously donated the use of a dump truck and Bobcat, the Sandoval Amenities Committee and a host of residents who have volunteered their valuable time and labor to the project.

This effort is being spearheaded by Frank Heneghan who has assumed the role of Project Manager. Ed Fishburn and Anthony Schadone who provided their construction expertise along with an unlimited donation of their time the past few months. Jeff Sheppard and Al Roper  have put in long hours for weeks, contributing in all areas of the project. They have assumed the lead role in the back breaking task of framing the courts. Rick Foisy, Steve Schreiner, Mike Wilson, Tony Meyer, John Albergo, John Mills, Jerry Solnick, Tom Ferguson, Tony Donato, Rob Tersigni, Ed Rolando, Leo Stevenato, Jeff Torno, Kieth Scott and Dave Nermoe who all contributed the time needed to add tons of fill, cut hundreds of pieces of wood to frame the new courts and build the benches. 

Rick Foisy  also operated the Bobcat when available and Rob Tersigni  generously donated the use of his pick up to haul much of the fill needed between and around the courts. This project has been a true international effort! 

The pavers were installed by Carlos and his crew from Sunset Pavers. Everyone agrees they did a fantastic job!

The photo below was taken on November 25, 2013. It offers a prelude for things to come. 

The Sandoval International Mens Bocce League, run by Tony Donato is scheduled to begin the first full week of January. Last year the league grew in numbers to 50-60 participants. This year once the word spreads about the new courts the league is certain to grow again. Send me an email if you wish to participate in the Bocce League. Include your name & phone number and I will forward your info to Tony.

Until then the photos below will have to suffice. Click to enlarge.

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